Jump-Start Your Trade Show Exhibit with These Pro Tips

Posted by High Road Inc on Dec 23, 2015 1:00:00 PM

trade-show_floor_1.jpgNo matter the company or the product, there is a world of
possibility that exists in terms of ensuring your trade show exhibit leaves a unique impression on the minds of attendees. Your little corner of the show floor presents your company with the opportunity to wave the banner of your unique brand in a way that draws bodies in and ultimately closes their business. Here are some helpful tips on making the most out of your exhibit:

Investment Makes Impact

Chances are, if you make little investment on marketing materials, you'll see an even smaller return. Sparing no expense (within reason) on signage, business cards, brochures and giveaways will help you stand out and draw those interested parties naturally toward you. Not only that, but effective brand placement and marketing efforts portray your company as an expert in your respective field. What's more attractive to a prospect than that? 

Interaction Is Everything

Not only is it important to talk to visitors to your trade show exhibit, but providing ways for them to interact with you through product demonstrations, games, or prize drawings will help people remember you after the show ends.  In addition to these ideas, scheduling a company representative or even the CEO to give a quick presentation will draw the right kind of attention to your booth. In publicizing the day and time of this event, show attendees can target your booth.

Personalize Consultations

Building individual relationships with trade show attendees can help you distinguish your trade show booth from the many others. There are many ways to cultivate one-on-one interaction with attendees. Including a small, private conference area at the back of your exhibit could serve as a space where you can have a one-on-one discussion with those who are very interested in your product.

Demonstrate Your Product

A live product demonstration area can showcase your product and show attendees exactly what you can provide. Giving people an opportunity to have hands-on experience with your product and talk with an expert about its use can help people gain confidence in your product and rely on your knowledge about it.

Communicate Your Brand

Design your trade show booth as an immersive experience in your brand. Strong graphics in large signage can be reinforced in the logos on your staff's clothing. If you have the ability to complete sales while at the show, you can immediately fulfill attendees' needs for your product and leave the show with a jump in sales.

Go Above and Beyond

Trade show exhibits aren't meant to be boring, and in a world where experience is valued more and more, it can't be boring. Making a huge investment and going above and beyond in execution is only going to allow you more interactions with potential customers who will be excited and delighted by your company. Represent your company with excitement at your next show and see the difference a well-executed booth will make!


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