Fancy Freight: The Top 5 Most Expensive Items to Ship

Counting down the most costly freight shipments...

It's no secret that moving items from A to B can run up an expensive freight services bill. But what if you have a truly enormous and bulky item to ship? Freight logistics just got complicated!

Read on for the 5 most expensive items to ship. 


1. A Ridiculously secure safe


This intense, 1,500+ pound fireproof safe by Cannon Safe has surprisingly qualified for Amazon's free shipping. Basically, Amazon customers pay $79 per year and can get free two day shipping on most items. If you don't go through Amazon (or if their policy changes), however, shipping costs for this safe will be around $700. Quite pricey for a casual online purchase. 


2. Pricey Wheels


What's a heavy item that the majority of people own? A car of course! And as we all know from experience, shipping heavy items can get pretty pricey. Whether you're purchasing a new car from afar, or relocating and need to bring your car with you, shipping a vehicle is not cheap. Depending on the vehicle's size and shipping distance, this can cost on average from $1200 - $1700. 


3. Shipping Containers


A new trend is converting shipping containers into everything from houses to swimming pools. It's a great way to upcycle something that otherwise would rot in a landfill and take up an enormous amount of space. Physically moving these large items to your location can be a struggle. Many people purchase shipping containers internationally, which can further boost shipping costs. There are also a lot of different sizes, so a 56 foot shipping container will cost a lot more than one that is only 20 feet long. Depending on size and distance from origin, you're looking at anywhere from $780 to over $23,000.  


4. Construction Equipment


Building off of the theme of heavy items, the next item on our list is construction machinery and equipment. What I'm referring to here is machinery such as cranes, tractors, excavators, and other heavy equipment. Not a common item to ship, but certainly not to be excluded from pricey packages. 

Any one of these freight shipments can weigh over 100,000 pounds, and can put you in the red by over $40,000. 


5. Don't Forget About Your Yacht

Screen_Shot_2016-03-24_at_11.40.32_AM.pngBoats and yachts are notorious for costing their owners a lot of money in gas and upkeep. Especially if you happen to own a 120-foot yacht. The company Dockwise Yacht Transport charges around $175,000 to ship a boat of that size. 

what are you shipping?

It doesn't matter if you're shipping a million dollar yacht or a birthday card - the goal is always for the item to reach its destination safely. I hope you enjoyed these fun facts about the most expensive items to ship! If you need help calculating how much your next shipment will cost, use our free Dim Weight Calculator.

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