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Here at High Road Inc, we consider our staff to be more than just employees - they are like family. So we thought it would be fun to introduce you to another member of our little family… our Nashville based Account Coordinator, Inocencia Guzman.

Ino (pronounced Eeno) brings a whole bunch of logistics and freight transportation experience to our team, as well as just the right amount of feistiness!  This Chicago native is enjoying the milder temperatures of Tennessee... just don't expect her to serve sweet tea and start saying y'all! 

Inocencia Guzman of High Road Incorporated

Tell us a little about your current role and how long you have been working with us?

I am an Account Coordinator and have been with High Road since I relocated from Chicago 6 months ago.

Can you explain a little bit about what an Account Coordinator job entails?

An Account Coordinator creates a relationship with clients and vendors and for the most part manages quoting, negotiating and sourcing. Our team provides the best customer service to all and assists with the back-office duties such as the bookings and dispatching of a shipment.

What do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy my team mates as they are always available to assist when I need help and I enjoy working with my boss Sharon - they impart the feeling of acceptance where your ideas are heard and the feeling that you are important.

What first attracted you to High Road and to the industry as a whole?

High Road caught my eye with its fun and funny web-site and job posting - I thought now this is the place for me! I felt right at home when I came on board and you can feel the welcoming atmosphere by the managers and the staff.

As for the industry, it was an opportunity given to me 10 years ago when I began working with the Supply Chain Manager at BASF, while at that time I was working through trying to find a purpose and it was an opportunity that opened up so many doors.

What do you love most about working at High Road?

TEAMWORK!!! The no one gets left behind philosophy.

Do you have any examples of an idea that you have shared with the company that has made a positive impact or that customers have enjoyed?

More than a specific idea, I've had the ability to insert some of my knowledge and experience in my role and have been able to have a positive impact with the team and company.

What is the most interesting thing / funniest thing, etc that happened while working with High Road?

The most interesting thing working at High Road is seeing how everyone takes care of each other like family and are there for each other and pray for each other. Though I am not much of a religious person I appreciate this because its genuine and comes from the heart.

Well funniest , hmmm... One funny moment that happened last summer was when a bug flew into my shirt as I was coming into the building.  I started yelling and waving my hands around and nearly ripped my shirt off outside. I couldn't get into the building fast enough!  I just pray our neighbors did not see the crazy lady outside waving her hands in the air and screaming.

We will just keep that story between me and you and few hundred of our clients reading this blog! Speaking of clients, what is your favorite experience while working with customers - without naming names, of course?

The level of communication we have with each other is  . I’d say my favorite experience is working with our customers who are willing partners and that communicate thoroughly.

Can you tell us a little about your previous professional experience? For instance, what type of work were you doing before starting with High Road and are there any similarities or differences between them?

Prior to High Road, I worked for RR Donnelley where I was an account executive working in logistics for the full truckload department. So not so much different than High Road except that the team here is more like family and RRD was more like a network of friends.

So, tell us a little about yourself, personally. Do you have any hobbies, things you enjoy with your family or interesting facts you can share?

Ino and Family.jpgI just turned 34 yrs old recently and am mother to an 8 yr old daughter and wife to a truck driver. My hobbies are crafts and making jewelry and painting ceramics. I enjoy spending time with my family adventuring and being goofy.

Your husband is in the industry too - is that coincidental or did you meet through your work? It must be great having someone at home who knows and understands your business.  

Completely coincidental it just sort of happened! It is a bit of an advantage having him in the industry for sure. He is my go to guy when I need info to back up any of my logistics questions.

So you didn't meet at work? 

Well, no... to make a long story short I was 21 and a bartender. He was 20 and wasn't quite old enough to drink but there he was!  Of course not the most romantic way to meet considering I could have had him thrown out but instead I was lucky to find my soulmate! We have been together now 13 years married 4 and well our journey though a tough one, we are very much in love and have many battle scars to prove that love conquers all.

 Aww... just goes to show, you never know where you're going to find true love! I know he's supportive and always inspiring you to achieve your dreams. But what motivates you to get up in the morning?

My motivation is my daughter as she is the reason I work hard, sacrifice and want to do the best so that she can a bright fulfilling future without the struggle.

Do you have a particular morning “ritual” - like a morning workout routine or zombifying your way to the coffee pot?

LOL!!!! Sometimes a bit of both…..and sometimes a caffeine IV will do just fine. Ha!

What personal goals do you have?

One of my personal goals is to one day own a business to do something fun and gratifying that will help others as well.

If a coworker or friend wanted to get in to your good graces or make a positive impression on you - what kind of snack or gift would they have to bring you?

CHOCOLATE!!!! I mean that is what really puts a smile on my face 😊

Some companies have nap rooms, some have catered lunch every day or you can bring your dog to work. If you could have one amazing company perk to be enjoyed by everyone, what would it be?

I have seen a nap room, rec room with ping pong table, Pilates room, yoga room, massage chair corner, putting green corner, and reading room. I would probably go with a reading room.

Ino, thanks for sharing some of your time with us and allowing a peek into your daily work and personal life. I've enjoyed chatting with you today! 

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